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Getting Noticed, Getting Interviews, and Leveling Up

After nine years of coaching programmers, chasing clients, and finding programming jobs, I've compiled a free email course containing 10 Ways to Get Noticed by Potential Employers.

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Level Up

Once you have the basic skills needed to do a job, most employers will be hiring based on how well you'll fit in with the rest of their team.

The way you level up and ​learn tells them a lot about how committed you are to learning and how quickly you'll be able to make contributions to their bottom line.

Get Noticed

When you send a resume to a potential employer, it goes into a pile that is sorted by how good a fit they think you are. This is usually done by experience.

If you're new, this puts you at the bottom of the pile. So, you have to ​get noticed in other ways to bypass the resume list. The ebook will walk through a number of strategies to get you on their radars.

Get Hired

Getting hired is a mix of getting noticed, getting interviews, and being the right person for the job.

​Being the right person for the job entails having the level of skills needed to do the job, but more importantly, being able to quickly increase the amount you can contribute to the team and company.

Let me show you how to demonstrate that you're the right person for the job and successfully complete your interviews.​

About the Author

My coding journey started in 2006 when I began working on a system for the support team I managed at the time. I quickly learned that I wanted to be a coder, not a manager. So, I transitioned to Quality Assurance and began looking for a programming job.

Since then, I've coached dozens of programmers in finding jobs or better jobs than then ones they were in. I've helped them level up and prove that they had what it took to make more money.

I've also recorded hundreds of podcasts and done countless podcast listener calls with people looking for work. You can book a 15 minute call with me by clicking the link below.​

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