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This course will teach you to find a better job in the programming field.

Section 1Introduction
Lecture 1Why This Course?Free Preview


Lecture 2The Traditional Job Search is Broken
Lecture 3Why People Hire Developers
Section 2Week 1: Design Your Dream Job
Lecture 4Design Your Dream JobFree Preview
Lecture 5Resumes
Lecture 6Cover Letters
Lecture 7Customizing Your Resume for the Employer
Section 3Week 2: Identify Companies and People
Lecture 8Identifying Companies using LinkedIn
Lecture 9How to Find Companies through their Employees
Lecture 10How to Find Companies on the Web
Lecture 11Researching Companies Before You Apply
Section 4Week 3: Begin Outreach
Lecture 12Identifying Company Employees on LinkedIn
Lecture 13Identifying Company Employees on the Web
Lecture 14Moving in their Circles of Influence
Lecture 15Introducing Yourself
Section 5Week 4: Get Noticed - From the Outside
Lecture 16Users' Groups and In-Person Meetups
Lecture 17Mailing Lists, Chat Rooms, and Forums
Lecture 18Open Source Software
Lecture 19Blogging, Podcasting, and Online Content
Lecture 20Speaking at Conferences
Section 6Week 5: Get Noticed - Becoming an Insider
Lecture 21The "Dropping By" and "Borrowing a Desk" Techniques
Lecture 22Corporate Open Source Projects
Lecture 23Tagging Along
Lecture 24Snail Mail
Section 7Week 6: Interviews
Lecture 25Interview Etiquette
Lecture 26Answering their Questions
Lecture 27What You Should Be Asking Them
Lecture 28Following Up
Section 8Week 7: Offers and Salary Negotiation
Lecture 29How Much Should I Expect or Ask For?
Lecture 30The Salary Offer
Lecture 31Negotiating Salary
Section 9Week 8: Self Assessments and Leveling Up
Lecture 32What Should I Learn? - What is the Outcome You Want?
Lecture 33What Should I Learn? - Evaluating Your Options
Lecture 34How to Learn - Gathering Resources
Lecture 35How to Learn - Practice and Sample Projects
Lecture 36How to Learn - Self Assessment

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